Review: Pieminister Cardiff

I do like a pie. I mean, don’t we all? Sweet or savoury, hot or cold, there are so many variations. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like at least some kind of pie. So I was pretty pleased to see a new restaurant opened in the center of Cardiff, themed on pies.

Pieminister first opened in Bristol in 2003 and has opened a few other branches since then, most recently in Cardiff earlier this month. Concerned about it being rather busy, we decided to try it for an early lunch to avoid the crowds. Although it was empty when we arrived, it was filling up by the time we left – clearly quite popular already!

I quite like the decor inside. It’s kind of quirky and stripped down – lots of pipes and bare metal everywhere. I must say, I wasn’t keen on the system of ordering at the counter. It’s a good system for fast food and pubs and I’m guessing the aim is a sense of informality but I really think that if you’re sitting down to a proper meal, maybe table service would be more appropriate. This is just my personal opinion though – I assume it’s the same system in all of their branches and it seems to be working for them! It would put me off if I were looking for somewhere to eat with Pip on my own as I wouldn’t be able to leave her at the table and taking her to the counter would be tricky – she tends to divide my attention!

The food was simply superb. I ordered a Deerstalker – a pie containing venison, red wine, dry cured bacon and puy lentils – sweet potato fries, a red cabbage slaw and gravy. The pie had a really lovely crumbly crust and the filling was delicious.

Deerstalker pie, red cabbage slaw, sweet potato fries & gravy

Deerstalker pie, red cabbage slaw, sweet potato fries & gravy

Pip had a cottage pie with peas. Under a generous layer of mashed potato was a filling of large chunks of beef in a thick gravy. While it was really delicious (I traded a try of it in exchange for letting Pip try venison for the first time, which she really liked), I think when Pip ordered she expected it to be minced beef like I would use at home. She doesn’t do too well with big chunks of meat really.


Children’s cottage pie & garden peas

Husband had a Chicken of Aragon Pie with mashed potato, minted mushy peas and gravy. By all accounts, this was really yummy too.


Chicken of Aragon pie, mashed potato, minted mushy peas & gravy

I really liked how the food was served in individual dishes – it meant that my red cabbage slaw didn’t get covered in gravy, which wouldn’t have been very nice. Plus I think it just makes really nice looking presentation and is in keeping with the style of the rest of the place.

I would really recommend this as a nice place for lunch for any pie lovers in Cardiff!




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