Taking a Break

At the beginning of this year, I made a commitment to this blog. I said that I wanted to add something to it every day. I will not shy away from admitting that I’ve failed at this. However, I will try to explain why.

Firstly, we’re planning a move. There’ll be a much longer post about this at some point. I think most people will appreciate that moving takes a lot of time and energy and it has required a lot of my focus for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been filling in forms, making phone calls, arranging all of the logistics, doing a big clear out to ensure that we’re only taking exactly what we need to take and also trying to keep the flat looking neat and tidy for the very regular viewings that our lettings agent is arranging. I know that viewings are a necessary part of moving but it is really annoying, especially when there’s so much else to be doing.

Secondly, Pip has been a little more clingy and really a little less well behaved than usual. I’m fairly sure this is about moving and knowing that she’ll be leaving nursery soon. As excited as she is about starting school and having a new home, it must be a little daunting for her. I think we’ve been at this flat longer than any other so it’s more of a home to her than the other places were. I feel a horrible sense of dread when I remember that last time we moved, she asked constantly for a few weeks when we’d be going home and then anytime a tantrum occurred, it including screeching statements of hatred about our new home. She seems more positive this time but I am a bit worried about it. I’m going to try my best to make this as easy and positive for her as possible.

Thirdly, I’ve been working on my university work quite a lot. My final assessment for this module is coming up and it’s really important that I get this right. However, the end is now in sight – by the end of May it’ll be over and I’ll have the summer to focus more on other things, like blogging!

Lastly, I’ve been feeling varying degrees of ill for the last week. On Friday and Saturday I had a headache that painkillers simply wouldn’t touch. I was feeling a better yesterday, although being woken up at 6:15am by my darling daughter didn’t help matters. Still, by the afternoon, I felt well enough to get some writing done.

Unfortunately, I can’t really guarantee that there won’t be little gaps in my blogging schedule for the next month or so but I’m hoping that by the time June comes along, things will be a lot more settled and I can put more effort into it. I do love blogging – it gives me a way of expressing myself that creative writing doesn’t really give me. I’ve got some good post ideas coming up so watch out for those!


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