Girly nights

Every now and then, Husband goes out for the evening. We miss him when he does but it does give us the opportunity to have a girly night.

I spend most of my life around Pip and I do love it but I also end up focusing on what I need to do with her, like educational activities fitted around housework, nursery and mealtimes. But a girly night means that we get to spend a few hours simply enjoying each other’s company.

Last night was such a night. I let her choose what we had for dinner – fish fingers (Husband has a major intolerance to all seafood so we often have it when he’s out), mini corn on the cob and broccoli with strawberry trifle for pudding. I put on one of my childhood favourite films, The Sound of Music, which she loved and quickly picked up the songs. Nothing like a singalong with my girl!

While I think overall I prefer time when we’re all together, I really like getting that time with her when there’s no rush to get anything else done and we just have fun.

As a nice side note to this post, she gave me a lovely early handmade Mother’s Day card today, in which she’d written ‘To Mummy, From Pip’ all by herself inside. Such a wonderful gift to see how well she’s doing at her writing!



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