Spring has arrived

Sunshine is making a regular appearance, along with some warmth rather than the cold and crisp blue skies of winter. Blossom is starting to appear on the trees. Spring is definitely here.

So it’s time for a spring clean!

With her being at home all day due to the teachers’ strike, me and Pip gave her bedroom a big clear out. I was very proud of her for happily picking out some toys and books to give to the local charity shop. She likes the idea of other children getting enjoyment from her old things.

Once finished, we popped out this afternoon and bought two new things for her. Firstly, we went to Build a Bear Workshop. I really think the concept of that place is just genius for children. Teddy bears can be so important and special for a child and the whole process – picking out a heart, helping to do the stuffing and picking out an outfit, makes them just that bit extra special. Pip picked a little off white coloured bear called, no surprise, Clara, after her favourite Doctor Who companion.

It’s been a great day with my girl. Now I can’t wait to get outdoors to my local park to get some nice springtime photographs!


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