Parenting Moments: My Amazing Little Pip

Yesterday I wrote my list of my least favourite parenting moments. Today is the much more positive favourite moments list. So here it is:

1. Birth. Yes, birth is painful and tiring and comes with a few embarrassing moments. Yet, and I know this is a bit of a cliche now, I seriously forgot about all of that in the moment that Pip was handed to me by the midwife. It was all worthwhile to see that tiny, perfect-looking creature that I could feel all smug about having created.

2. Ambitions. Pip is always telling me all about what she’s going to do when she’s a grown up. Jobs she wants to have, places she wants to visit and hobbies she wants to have. I love that she has such big plans for her future.

3. Family. Those little moments where we all share a joke or a hug or watch a film together. They make me feel incredibly happy, more than I really thought little things like that could before I became part of a family. We’re a little team and I can’t wait for all of the adventures we have to come.

4. Random Singing. I have this habit of breaking into song at random. I also sometimes change lyrics to songs to match what I’m doing at the time. Pip has picked up this habit so we sometimes sing conversations with each other. This can be a bit like living in a musical. If that isn’t going to make me happy, nothing can.

5. Learning. I am constantly astounded by how much Pip learns on a daily basis. Watching her suddenly master a new skill, like something has just clicked into place in her mind is so wonderful. I also love how much she loves to learn new things and how thrilled she is to come home from nursery and ‘teach’ me about, most recently, the life cycle of frogs.

6. Caring nature. Pip has a very caring side. On the rare occasion I’ve not been feeling well and, after making sure that everything that’s necessary to do has been done, curled up on the sofa feeling awful, she’s brought me a blanket and given me little reminders to make sure I’ve drinking plenty. Also, if I tell her that Daddy’s had a long day at work, she comes up with a whole range of ideas to cheer him up. They’re unfortunately usually infeasible but the thought is there.

So there it is. I could probably come up with a lot more but this was the ones on my mind today.


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