Dealing with everyday stress

This week has been very stressful. Among other things going on, Pip didn’t get a place in the school we were hoping for. This has meant lots of filling in forms and making phone calls, plus a horrible creeping feeling that I’ve somehow failed her, despite there being nothing else I could have done.

This stress did mean that yesterday there was no blog post. Somehow this even added to my anxiety, like I’d let myself done. I suppose I have in very minor way, since it means I haven’t one of my goals for the year. However, looking at everything in perspective, this isn’t that big a deal. I’ve been posting on this blog every day since the beginning of the year and one day without is hardly a big deal. I must try to keep on top of it though, it would be so easy to let the habit slip.

When I’m stressed, one of my preferred methods of dealing with it is to get outside for a walk. Recently I’ve been thinking that it would be a good idea to take up running, since it would be good to get a little healthier and I’ve read up on the stress-relieving endorphins that running produces. But simply getting out of the house and taking myself off to something fairly quiet and green has always made me feel better. Some time to clear my head and get a better perspective on things.

Unfortunately, I tend to get stressed when I’ve got a lot going on, which means that I don’t really have an hour spare to go walking. I’m hoping to make time for this tomorrow afternoon before the weekend when I definitely won’t have a chance to.

How do you relieve stress?

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Dealing with everyday stress

  1. Oh Amelia I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully the school situation will resolve itself one way or another and Pip is such a bright happy little thing, I am sure she will settle brilliantly wherever she goes. Walking is a great stress reliever, I hope you get some time for that tomorrow. Running is fab too! x

  2. I run to relieve stress and the great thing about it is, it’s quick. I can cover 3 miles now in about 25 minutes and I got there doing couch to 5K from doing no exercise. Also I love 30 day shred (25 minute work out vid) as it just fits in.

    I read something on pinterest the other day saying “I don’t find time for exercise, I make time for it”. So wise because exercise is good for body and mind. Genuinely, give yourself 10 weeks to get into it and you will wonder why you never did it before.

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