Review: Weekend Box

I try to fill my time with Pip with lots of fun & educational activities. However, I do find myself doing the same things over and over – I can’t even count the number of times we’ve made fairy cakes! On weekends, we might go out for a walk to the park or into town but a lot of time ends up with watching TV or films. We are in need of some inspiration to try new things.

Enter the Weekend Box! It’s filled with fun activities to do together to make the weekends more enjoyable and productive. It’s available on subscription and you receive a new box each fortnight. Each box contains four activities. There is a little coloured pouch of materials and coordinating card with instructions for each activity. Ours were a recipe for green pancakes with packets of spices included, craft materials to make a ‘Rocking Bird’, an activity to explore how different sounds are made with materials to make a robot voice box, instructions for a game called Pot O’ Gold, again with included materials for playing.


The box, obviously, doesn’t contain absolutely everything you need for each activity. It simply wouldn’t be possible unless it was a much bigger box at a much higher cost, not to mention that the eggs for the pancake recipe would need refrigerating! I think the box contains enough materials to be worth it’s price and to enable you to carry out the activities. I think the only item I needed to purchase separately because we didn’t have it at home was spinach. Everything else we already had and, I think, most family homes would do too. Perhaps the only criticism I have on this front is that the glue stick provided was a bit dry so we used our own.

On Saturday, we all together made and played with the Robot Voice Box, made from connected drinking straws (included in the box) with a reed cut into one end. The instruction card actually provided an internet link to a video with instructions plus extra information about how it works. It took a bit of playing about to get our creation working and we didn’t end up using the balloon provided but it was lots of fun and I hope helped Pip to understand how sounds are made and how our voices work.

Next we played the Pot O’ Gold game. All that was required in addition to the coins and pipe cleaners provided was a cup. The aim of the game was to throw the coins into the cup. Unfortunately, Pip didn’t manage to get many in but it was fun to play something altogether anyway and husband seemed to enjoy trying to teach her various methods of flicking the coins.

Husband popped out in the afternoon to watch the rugby with his friends so I took the opportunity to do the cooking activity. The recipe was for green pancakes, although they ended up more orange due to the paprika added in. They perhaps didn’t look all that appetising but were very tasty. Even Pip, who hasn’t been keen on things flavoured with cumin.


On Sunday morning, we did our craft activity and made a lovely ‘Rocking Bird’. The craft materials supplied were great and we even had some left over so we’ll be using them for more craft activities another time! As I already said, unfortunately the glue provided was too dry but luckily we had glue at home so it didn’t stop us completing the activity.


With all of the activities completed, Pip got a lovely certificate that can be cut out of the weekend box itself and coloured in.



Overall, we all really enjoyed the Weekend Box. It gave us some great inspirations for activities we could do together as a family and I really like the balance of being fun and educational.

If you’re thinking of having giving Weekend Boxes a try yourself, you can use the promotional code AMELIA116 to receive your first box for free!

Please note: We were sent one weekend box free of charge for the purposes of this review but my review is completely honest. 


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