The Shirt Dress

As I was blogging about the other day, I’ve been recently inspired to do more sewing projects. First up, was the shirt dress. I’ve seen loads of examples of little girl’s dresses made from a men’s shirt and I really like the idea. So, I asked husband if he had a shirt that he wouldn’t mind giving up. He chose an old purple one that he’s not worn in ages.

A couple of afternoons of chopping and sewing later and this was the result:

shirt dress collage

It’s not perfect but I’m pleased with it as a first attempt at making clothes and it’ll be good for summer playtime! Pip really likes it and says it’s very comfy.

This is the tutorial I used to make it. I didn’t give it a waistband as suggested, just because I wanted to keep it quite simple, although I did add the little bow at the collar just to make it a little prettier. That was very simple to make, using a scrap of leftover shirt material and a bit of lilac ribbon.

Next I’m going to make a little drawstring bag to keep some of our game dice in and I’m also going to turn an old t-shirt into a nice summery top for myself!


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