First haircut

Pip had her first haircut today. She’s got lovely hair and has not wanted it cut. I partly blame her favourite film being Tangled for this. No matter how many times we explained, she was still worried that her hair would stop growing if she had it cut.

But her hair was beginning to look a little messy at the ends. We eventually managed to get her to agree that having just a little trim, so that she would still have her long hair but just a bit neater. So I began looking for somewhere for her first haircut. A quick Google found Lollipop, a children’s hairdresser in central Cardiff.


Its a a really special place. Inside, there are toy cars for the children to sit in while they’re having their haircut, plus a television to provide a bit extra distraction. Of course, Pip was particularly wriggly but the hairdresser, Donna, was great and the whole thing was done really quickly.


The cut itself was well done. I asked for just a little trim and that’s just what Pip had. She was really pleased that her hair was still long and the cutting hadn’t hurt at all. In fact, she asked when her next haircut would be afterwards!

We even got a little souvenir to take home!


When did your child have their first haircut? Was it an enjoyable experience?

Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “First haircut

  1. That is so adorable, I love that you got that little certificate and a lock of her hair! It’s amazing that they have places especially for kids these days! I may get Arthur a hair cut when we are back in the UK for the summer but he will only be 1 so maybe not!! x

    • It did make it so special. I’ve heard of other people getting certificates for their children’s first haircut so I’m sure there are other places that do it 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, Pip, was a lovely little client, very willing and chatty, very confident, I hope she can pop in when
    you are passing and have some lovely little glittered plaits with love hearts done as a Thank you for writing this Blog, please just pop in.. x

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