Inspired to craft!

Last year I watched the first series of Great British Sewing Bee. I was inspired to get stitching myself but, always the procrastinator, didn’t actually get my own sewing machine until months later for my birthday, along with some lovely fabric and other bits (thank you Husband!).

The first thing I had a go at making was a simple shopping bag. It was easy and enjoyable to make. I looked at more complicated bags and made a simple messenger bag for Pip. It was a real success, she loved it and still sometimes uses it.

Pips bag

I then made some little changes to the pattern and made a bag each for me and husband. These were not as successful, I think because I didn’t know about interfacing at this stage. A simple fabric bag is brilliant for toddlers, not so good for grown ups. So I then started making bags with interfacing. Then I started selling them. I started selling purses and make up bags too. Appletree Bags was born.

Unfortunately, in part due to being unable to find a good venue to sell at, business has not gone so well in the last couple of months. Luckily I’ve been able to find some freelance work to keep a bit of money coming in and in the meantime I’ve come up with lots of ideas for things I’d love to make and I think would be of genuine use to other people, especially children and parents.

Now the Great British Sewing Bee is back with another series and so is my desire to craft. With pretty much no funds for new projects, I’ve taken particular inspiration from the alteration challenges. Raiding mine and husband’s wardrobe, I’ve found a few things I can make into something new and improved. One of husband’s shirts is currently in the process of being turned into a summer dress for Pip. A couple of my old t shirts are going to become much nicer looking summery tops for me. I’ll blog more about these projects as they progress.

Have you found yourself inspired to dig out the sewing machine and get crafting? What projects are you planning or working on?

As a little cheeky side note, crafting equipment would look lovely in a Shelfie. You know, just saying.

Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Inspired to craft!

    • Actually I won’t. I know it bores husband to tears so I record it and I’ll watch it tomorrow 🙂 refashioning is loads of fun, plus you’re left with something completely unique!

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