Review: TabZoo Tablet Case

Like many little people, Pip very much likes playing with an iPad. The only problem we had was that the case we had was intended for our use, not hers so it didn’t stand up very well on a table, meaning that she had to always be holding onto it or else risk it falling off her lap. Plus I didn’t really like that she was constantly looking down – it couldn’t really be brilliant for her neck.

So when a TabZoo tablet case arrived in the post for us, Pip was very excited by it. It does look brilliant, especially when compared with the boring black case we had been using. I think it’s such a great design idea.

tablet cover

The interior is a really nice thick padding which filled me with confidence that it could protect our tablet.


Our tablet, an Ipad 2, fits into the teeth really well and is held in a very stable position. There are different sized cases for differently sized tablets – I believe we needed the largest for ours. It can be used either in landscape or portrait. There’s good access to the home button, volume buttons and one/off/lock button, which some covers for children have a problem with and also there’s no muffling of the speakers at all.

with ipad

Pip can now use the iPad up on a table, making it much easier for her to use and also gives us a bit of peace of mind that it’s not just going to slide off her lap. It’s also much better for when we’re playing together or if I’m trying to show her how to use a new app.


But enough from me. I asked Pip what she thought:

‘It’s so beautiful! Tigers are sometimes scary but this isn’t scary because it’s a friendly tiger’.

‘It stands up on the table. The old one didn’t do that and this one does so it’s the clever one’.

‘I can zip it up all by myself’.

So there you have it! If you like the look of this case, you can find more information on the website, which I linked to above, or on twitter here.

Note: We were sent one free Tabzoo case to review. All opinions are honest and entirely my own and Pip’s. 


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