Our Day Out at Techniquest

Last Friday, me and Pip took a trip to Cardiff Bay. Given that I planned for us to spend a good few hours in Techniquest, the science discovery center, we had brunch first. I wanted to get there nice and early since I knew it’s a popular place. Pip had been to Techniquest before but not in well over a year so I don’t think she quite remembered it. This was good really, since we often end up visiting the same few places during school holidays – the castle, the museum and the local parks – so it was nice for her to at least feel like we were going somewhere new.


There was quite a queue when we arrived, although really it’s only to be expected when you visit a child-friendly place during half term! The staff were keeping the queue moving and were very apologetic about the wait time, which was about twenty minutes. We actually paid for the visit using my Tesco Clubcard Boost vouchers, which I’d really recommend if you collect points too. It’s very simple to order them from the Tesco Clubcard website and they arrived within a few days.

giant piano

Once inside, Pip wasted no time in getting her hands on the exhibits. We spent about an hour and a half looking at everything, although we didn’t visit the planetarium. It was also unfortunate that we didn’t get to see the science shows going on due to there being no available seats while we were there but, again, these things are bound to fill up quickly at such a popular place during school holidays.

Pip’s favourite exhibits were probably the giant piano and the water play area, which included a long winding river with many obstacles to show how water flows around things in it’s path. There were also fountains, which Pip loved putting her hands in. It seemed to be a very popular feature amongst the younger visitors, while the older children seemed more interested in the puzzle-type exhibits where there was a bit more working out needed. It’s definitely a great place to combine learning about how the world works with lots of fun and excitement.

winding river

At around 1pm, the crowds were getting a bit too much for Pip, who was beginning to run low on patience where the more exciting exhibits had a bit of a line behind them. Looking around, I decided that we’d just about seen everything that we’d like to so we made our way home.

It was a great day out and we’d both love to go again, especially as it means that we get to have a wander around the Bay at the same time! If you live in Cardiff or are planning a trip there with the kids, I’d really recommend checking it out.


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