Monthly update

February has been an interesting months. There’s been a few lows but a few highs too. I think I’m doing fairly well on my goals:

To help my daughter prepare for and settle into her first year of school, starting in September. 

We’ve been doing plenty of learning this month. Pip got her first ever watch and can mostly tell the time on her own now. She also made big steps towards learning to read and I put up a world map up in her room to start looking at some basic geography. I also went for a meeting with Pip’s nursery teacher and got some really positive feedback about how she’s getting on. The only basic skill she’s having trouble with is zipping up her coat on her own, which we’ll try to tackle in March – if anyone has any tips, I’d be very grateful! Next month is going to be a very exciting time for this goal as we’ll be finding out which schools Pip has been offered places in.

To improve my business, through better marketing and making a larger range of products.

Well, beyond coming up with new ideas, this has once again been put off. In my defense, there’s been a lot else going. I’m very lucky to have started getting opportunities for writing reviews for various new products. If I’m honest, I don’t have any immediate plans for making anything for sale, although I am planning to make a few things for Pip, which I’ll definitely blog about. I do still have lots of ideas for new products but until I’ve got a definite venue to sell at, I can’t really afford to try them out!

Complete my current Open University module and register for the next. This includes actually deciding on which the next will be as currently I haven’t a clue.

I completed two more assignments this months and I’ve got my idea for my final assessment all sorted so I’m well on my way to having this module completed. I’ve also now made my choice for the next module. I’ll be registering for Reading & Studying Literature (A230) as soon as registration opens. If anyone else is planning to take this module, or has already studied it, please get in touch – it’s always nice to have people to chat to who have studied the same subject.

Deal with PTSD. I feel like it’s been holding me back for too long. It’s very much time I took control of it.

I’ve really tried to seek some professional help this month but with no success. Next month I’ll be writing to my GP surgery to see if I can arrange a way of having an appointment with a doctor at a time when Pip’s in nursery. In the meantime, I’m looking into self help guides to see if I can start making some progress.

Not to diet. Instead, I want to make simple and easily kept up changes that will make my whole family a little healthier. If this leads to a few inches disappearing from my waist, that’s an added bonus!

Not that I have any intention of going full on Atkins, I have tried to limit my carbohydrates just a little, since I do tend to fill up on them quite a lot. I also plan to trying to go for a walk at least one afternoon a week while Pip’s in nursery. Not only is this good exercise but it’s supposed to be brilliant for mental health too.

Add to this blog every day, even if it is just a photograph.

Done! I have blogged every single day since I started this blog. I would like to thank everyone who has read my posts, particularly whichever lovely people decided to nominate me in the MAD blog awards. I have no expectations of getting any further but just being nominated is such an unexpected honour.

March is due to be a good month with lots of exciting plans. I hope you all had a great February!


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