Review: Skunk Bingo

Today’s review if of children’s game Skunk Bingo from Gamewright, designed for age 3+ and for 2-4 players. We often play this one all together and it’s definitely a favourite of Pip’s.

Game box

A great feature of this game is how simple the set up is. If Pip’s getting a bit bored of playing alone while I’m doing housework or some other necessary grown up task, this is a great game to let her set up alone while I’m finishing off the washing up or washing up or whatever else I need to get done. It really just involves putting the special log and spinner in the center of the table, putting out a bingo card for each player then spreading all of the tiles out.

game set up

On each turn, you spin the spinner, then choose the corresponding number of tiles to add into the log, or a skunk if you get one (you don’t want one!). Then as tiles come out of the log, you can add them to your bingo card. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, when your card is full, you shout out “Skunk Bingo!” and you’re the winner.

card in log

This is a great simple yet fun game to play with young children. It also only takes about 15 minutes so it’s good for when you haven’t got much time to spare. I really like this game – and yes, that is partly to do with the rather cute artwork!


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