Family Games Weekend!

Since tomorrow our favourite shop, Rules of Play, are hosting a Family Games Day, we thought we’d kick off the half term with a whole weekend of playing games together. We’ve had a few additions to our collection lately, some for us grown ups, some for Pip and a couple that we can all play together.

Selection new games

As soon as we were all fed and dressed this morning, we got straight into a game of Pass the Pigs. This is quite a simple game so it’s a great one for us all to play together. Basically, you roll the pigs like dice and score points on the positions they land in. For example, landing on it’s back gives you five points while landing with snout on the table gives you ten. The first to reach 100 wins. Of course, playing with a 4 year old involves a lot of oinking and snorting!

Then we had a go at a game we just picked up yesterday: City of Zombies. Husband and I actually had a game of it last night to see how easily Pip could join in. She’s a bit young for a lot of the game play at the moment but it’s going to be brilliant for improving maths skills when she’s older. For now, she happily helps with rolling dice and advancing the aeroplane on it’s journey to pick up the survivors!

Next up was a game especially for Pip: Dino Hunt. This is very similar to another game we own, called Zombie Dice, except it’s a little more child friendly. It’s a great as a quick game when you’ve only got 15 minutes or so to spare. From an educational point of view, it’s good for problem solving, logical thinking and basic counting.

Later on we’re planning to have a game of Smallworld. This is a great game that were looking at for ages and finally have a copy of. We’re really enjoying this one, although it really is just for us – the minimum age recommended is 8 years.

Tomorrow we’ll be going to try out some new games at the Family Games Day, plus maybe playing a few with husband’s mother & grandmother who are coming to visit!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend too! Thanks for reading.


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