Half Term Plans

Next week is half term. Pip tends to get a bit grumpy about missing nursery and seeing her friends there so I try to be organised and plan out lots of fun things for us to do so that she’s kept happy and well occupied throughout. The only issue with this is our rather unpredictable weather. To counter this, I don’t really plan specific activities for specific days, more just come up with enough ideas to last the week then do them when it suits us. So far the forecast is not looking great so I’m not planning anything based entirely outdoors, though if the sun peeks out for a bit, we’ll probably have an impromptu trip to the park! We’ve also got some lovely visitors – husband’s mother and grandmother – coming to Cardiff for a few days from Sunday, which Pip is very excited about!

Since St David’s Day is coming up, I thought we’d go for lots of Welsh activities. My last attempt at making Welsh cakes was something of a failure so I think we’ll give making Bara Brith (a kind of fruit bread) instead. I also thought maybe making daffodils or dragons or even both as a crafty activity and perhaps trying to learn a bit about Cardiff and Wales’ history.

I also was bought a set of original Story cubes today so I think it would be fun for us to make up some stories together, I’ll write them out and perhaps post them on here!

Using some Tesco Clubcard Boost vouchers, we’ll be having a day out at Techniquest in Cardiff Bay one day too. We’ve only been once before and that was for one of their special Toddler Days. I know this time it’s going to be more crowded but also Pip should get more out of it now that she’s a bit bigger. Since this will probably be our main day out of the week, we’ll probably have a nice walk around the Bay too, depending on how much energy Pip has!

If the weather changes and it’s sunny, there’s lots of parks and other places to visit. Bute Park is great for a muddy walk in wellies and looking for wildlife. Victoria Park has a lovely play area. I luckily remembered to renew my Castle Key for Cardiff Castle so we can go there. If you live in Cardiff, I really recommend picking one up – they’re only £5, I think they last a couple of years and it gives you free entry to the castle and discounted prices to events there. Pip loves going to see the owls and peacocks.

It’s going to be a busy week! I hope you all have a lovely half term too, or if yours is just finishing, I hope you had fun!

As a final note, I was rather thrilled to find out that I was nominated for a MAD blog award! Although I don’t think I have much chance of winning, given that I’ve only been doing this for a couple of months and there are some much more experienced and better established bloggers out there, it’s lovely to know that people are reading and enjoying so thanks very much to all of my lovely readers!


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