Flat packed Life

Today I went along to IKEA. We’re actually quite lucky to be close to one, there’s only one in the whole of Wales!

Almost all of the furniture we own comes from IKEA, almost all of which we built ourselves. After a bit of an argument over putting together a TV shelf unit, we called in a professional to assemble our bed.

When we first moved to Cardiff, we lived within easy walking distance of the place, which led to going there for lunches quite often and, inevitably, buying a few ‘essential’ things while in there. The shop is laid out in such a way that you can’t easily avoid passing by every area, no matter what you’re actually looking for. Plus they sell lots of little bits and bobs along the way, all very reasonably priced and they’re all things that it’s so easy to justify as being necessary (even though you’ve managed without them up until now).

If I had more disposable income, I think I could see myself becoming a bit of an IKEA addict. Today I went in to buy a new desk chair and table (especially for playing board games on!). I did get both of these but also some wall hooks for Pip’s bedroom and a nice placemat for her meals. Oh and some new cushions. I can’t resist cushions. I am rather proud of myself for not peeking in the fabrics section. I’ve bought quite a lot of my fabrics from there before – they have some beautiful prints. In fact, my sewing machine also came from there and, although its a basic model, it’s done very well so far.

A bag made for Pip with some gorgeous IKEA fabric

A bag made for Pip with some gorgeous IKEA fabric

As a final comment, husband and I have just assembled a piece of IKEA flat packed furniture without even the teeniest little argument – that’s progress!


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