Happy Valentine’s Day!

Husband and I have never paid that much attention to Valentine’s Day. We are not exactly against it, we just don’t bother doing much for it. We went out for dinner for our first one but since then it’s been a nice dinner at home, possibly some chocolates to share. We don’t really get proper presents for each other and it’s not really made more of than a normal date night, although we do have a Valentine’s 3 course M&S meal for tonight, which should be pretty tasty!

However, Pip’s been learning about this special day at nursery so I thought, especially as she won’t be eating dinner with us as normal, I’d make her tea a bit special. To drink, I made us some pink lemonade. Here’s the recipe (this made enough for one children’s cup for Pip and one grown up glass for me):

1. Juice one lemon. Make sure you remove any seedss!

2. Put 100g of raspberries and 3 tbspns of caster sugar in a saucepan with the lemon juice.

3. Heat gently until the sugar is dissolved. Then bring it to the boil – but don’t turn the heat up too much as I’ve found it will burn onto the sides of the saucepan very easily! Cook for 2 minutes.

4. After the raspberry mixture has cooled down, press it through a sieve into a bowl or jug.

5. Divide the mixture between glasses then top up with fizzy water or you could make more and fill a serving jug with it – I think that would be brilliant for a children’s party!

pink lemonade

I actually got this recipe from the Make & Bake with Peppa Pig magazine. This series is full of good ideas but the recipes often need a little tweaking. For example, here I used a little less sugar and a little more raspberries than suggested. It tastes really wonderful, just sweet enough without being too much so. Pip has never had a fizzy drink before so this was quite a treat for her – she kept giggling and saying that the bubbles were tickling her tongue! If you’re not keen on giving your children fizzy drinks, you could always make this with plain water.

At nursery, she had made a lovely heart-shaped shortbread biscuit.

heart biscuit

For tea, I made her special heart shaped jam sandwiches and some pink wafer biscuits.

pink tea

I hope that whatever you’re doing, you have a lovely Valentine’s Day!


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