Learning about The Big Wide World

After my research into homeschooling, I decided that there is a lot more that I have to teach my daughter about than I had previously thought. Even if she will be going to school, it doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be learning at home too. I keep it strictly fun, of course. I try to aim for times when she’s usually happy to listen and concentrate. I know she’ll have to get used to learning all through school hours quite soon but I’d like to give her an enthusiasm for it first – hopefully it’ll make school more enjoyable too.

whole map

For a long while, Pip often asks to see pictures of various things, usually animals, on my iPad. She asks all about what they eat and how they behave and where they live. The concept of other countries that are hundreds and hundreds of miles away is a bit tricky for her to take in. So I ordered a world map for her bedroom wall and it arrived on Thursday. Since Fridays are so busy with her French lesson in the afternoon and nursery in the afternoon, I decided to wait until today to put it up and start looking at it with her.

I asked where she thought we lived. We’ve looked at maps of the UK many times but I think the size of the map confused her a bit. So I marked it with a sticker. The size of Cardiff compared to the size of the whole world shocked her. Especially when I reminded her how long a trip to Bristol takes and it’s a tiny distance away on the map. I think it gave her a better idea of how big it is.

home map

She started asking about all of the different countries but there are hundreds so I wanted to simplify things. I marked where the different continents are.

Then we played our familiar animals game. She named animals and I showed her where they live. Next week, I think I’ll print some animal pictures to stick on the map in the correct places. I’ll also get some little dot stickers so we can mark places we’ve been to, although they’re only in the UK, and places where people she knows live.


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