Telling tales for National Storytelling Week

As it is National Storytelling Week, I thought I would share with you our favourite way of making up our own stories.

Pip owns two sets of story cards. They are sets of 36 flashcards with themed pictures that you use to come up with a story. One set is themed on fairy tales and the other on robots.

both sets

They can be used to in two different ways and usually we do both each time we get them out. The first way is to spread out maybe 10 or 15 cards on the table then let Pip choose them one by one to tell a story, putting them in her own order as she goes. The second way is that I hold 10 cards in my hand then show them to Pip one at a time and she comes up with another bit of the story to match.

robot selection

The second way is probably the more challenging as she can’t pick a bit to go with what’s already happening in her story. As a result, this way also comes up with some of the more random (and more hilarious!) stories.

fairytale selection

I think these are a great way of igniting imagination and always give us a good hour or so of fun.


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