My Ordinary Day

I thought I’d use this post to tell about what we get up to on an ordinary day. This is a weekday when we haven’t got an appointment or a class to get to or anything like that.

I wake at 6:30am when husband’s alarm sounds. It’s actually Baba O’Riley by The Who – always good to wake up to a decent song rather than an annoying bleeping noise.

While husband has a shower, I make his packed lunch and then his breakfast. We then usually watch the news until about 7:30 and have a bit of a chat until he has to get dressed and ready for work. Pip usually wakes up between 7:30 – 7:45 but I’ll wake her if she’s not up by 8 as she gets upset if she misses saying Goodbye to her Daddy.

Once husband has left, I make mine and Pip’s breakfast. I then make sure she’s busy doing something like drawing, watching a film or playing with something engrossing so that I can have a shower. She either has a shower or a bath once I’m dressed. I try to have us both washed & dressed by 9:30 at the latest.

Fun morning activities

Fun morning activities

From 9:30 until 10:30, we’ll do something fun together like playing board games, reading books or practicing writing or numbers. 10:30 is snack time for Pip – she’ll usually have a piece of fruit or veggie sticks. From 10:30 until 11:30, Pip often wanders off to play by herself in her bedroom. She seems to like having a bit of time to herself so I use that time to do housework, maybe some sewing work or write my blog. At 11:30, I make lunch. I know it’s very early for lunch but Pip’s nursery session begins quite early and she can be quite a slow eater! At 12:35, we leave for the ten minute walk to nursery. I drop her off and go back home. From about 12:55 until 3:15, I do housework, sewing work, any freelance work I might have, writing the blog, university work or anything else that would be tricky to do while Pip’s around.

Carrot sticks for snack time!

Carrot sticks for snack time!

I pick Pip up at 3:25 and we sometimes pop to Tesco to buy things for dinner if I haven’t already. Pip loves to be my ‘special helper’ at the supermarket now that she’s old enough to hold onto the trolley rather than sit in it.

Back at home, we usually have a sit on the sofa together while Pip tells me all about what she’s done at nursery that day and we look at any pictures or other work that she’s brought home. Then we might watch a bit of TV or read books until it’s time for me to make dinner, which varies depending on what we’re having.

Husband arrives home at about 6pm and I try to have dinner ready at about 6:05. Over dinner we’ll all talk about our days and what we’ve been up to. After dinner I’ll do the washing up while Pip and husband watch TV. I’ll join them once I’m finished.

At 7:45, Pip gets ready for bed to be in bed by 8.

From 8 until about 11, me and husband have time together. We might watch TV or a film or play a computer or board game.

We normally go to bed at about 11, although it’s very often a bit earlier. I don’t think I need to explain why a married couple might do that!

So that’s my ordinary day. I try to have a good balance of time with family and time for work. What’s an ordinary day like for you?


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