Learning with Pip: What’s the time?

A few months ago, Pip started taking an interest in what time everything was happening. What time is dinner? What time is it bedtime? What time are we going to nursery? I always try to take advantage of her interests as an opportunity to learn. So, realising that we always use our phones or tablets to check the time, we bought a big clock to hang on the living room wall.


We explained what the different hands do and then made a point of telling her the time at key points during the day. Occasionally, she seemed to be getting the idea and would be able to tell you what hour it is. But then you’d ask again an hour later and she wouldn’t be able to tell you.

To add a little motivation, husband made Pip a deal. When she could correctly tell the time every day for a week, he’d buy her a watch. Weeks went by, Christmas came and went. Then a couple of weeks ago, the concept seemed to just click for her. She could not only tell the time when asked, she could tell when it was nearly lunchtime or bedtime or time to go to nursery. So when we met husband in town one evening this week, we popped into the Swatch shop after having dinner out. Pip’s eyes lit up when she saw the array of watches we said she could choose from. She chose this one:

PicMonkey Collage

It’s a Flik Flak watch from their Sunny Hours collection. The design is very cute and it has tiny Swarovski crystals set around the face, although I don’t think this detracts from the functionality of the watch. It’s perfect for teaching her to use the minute hand as it has two sets of numbers, colour coded with the hands to make it easy to tell which is which. Plus it’s not just waterproof and scratchproof, it’s machine washable! Pip can wear this all day, every day without the worry of it getting dirty. She loves announcing to everyone what the time is!



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