Monthly Review: January

My blog is now a whole month old! I have really enjoyed writing posts every day and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. At the beginning of the month, I set myself goals for the year. My original plan was to have weekly updates on what I had done towards those goals but I had so much to write about that I think monthly updates would be better. Here’s how I’ve done in January:

1. To help my daughter prepare for and settle into her first year of school, starting in September.

We’ve done a lot towards this goal. Not only have we done lots of activities designed to help Pip develop those basic skills that she’ll need when she starts full time education, I’ve also looked into an alternative to school: Home Education. It’s made me look at her education in an entirely different way, even if we don’t decide to home educate. Helping her to learn won’t stop being my responsibility after she starts school and it’ll still be up to me to make sure she’s learning everything I am able teach her.

following the lines

2. To improve my business, through better marketing and making a larger range of products.

I must admit, I have not done as much as I could have towards this. Unfortunately a few plans for craft fairs and other events fell through and so I’ve needed to concentrate more on freelance work to keep some cash coming in. However, I have had a few ideas for new products and I’m determined to get a few new things made in February. In the mean time, there are still products for sale in my Etsy shop so do take a look and remember that I happily take custom orders!

sewing box3. Complete my current Open University module and register for the next. This includes actually deciding on which the next will be as currently I haven’t a clue!

I have completed and submitted two assignments since starting the blog. The first has already been marked and I was pretty pleased with the score I achieved. This month I’ve got another assignment to be finished and I really want to look into my options for next year.

4. Deal with PTSD. I feel like it’s been holding me back for too long. It’s very much time I took control of it.

I’ve taken a few steps forward with this. I’ve contacted MIND for support, although they still haven’t responded. I think I may need to follow this up soon. I’ve also read other people’s experiences of PTSD which has made me more hopeful for the future – I know this can be beaten! I also shared my story, which I feel has helped me view it as something in the past rather than something that should be affecting my present and future. This month I’d like to look into what options I might have for treatment when I can finally access some professional help.

5. Not to diet. Instead, I want to make simple and easily kept up changes that will make my whole family a little healthier. If this leads to a few inches disappearing from my waist, that’s an added bonus!

I think yesterday’s Ed’s Easy Diner review proves that I’m definitely not dieting! On a day to day basis, we’ve been eating more grilled food, reduced our carbohydrates a little bit and increased our vegetables. I really want to find ways to exercise more this month but hopefully in fun ways and at least one thing I can do with Pip.

6. Add to this blog every day, even if it is just a photograph.

Done! I’ve really enjoyed coming up with post ideas and writing every day. I’ve also enjoyed reading lots of other blogs and seeing other people interacting with mine through lovely comments. I’m so grateful for every view I get, I really appreciate you all reading what I write.

So January has been a good month but I think February could be even better! Have you had a good start to 2014?


2 thoughts on “Monthly Review: January

  1. Wow you’ve been busy! I totally take my hat off to anyone that studies through OU, or any sort of distance learning, I’m sure you’d need much more self discipline than I possess, for sure! I have enjoyed your first month and look forward to more!

    • Thank you! OU is in easy to manage chunks but I must admit, I have on occasion submitted assignments VERY close to the deadline!

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