Review: Ed’s Easy Diner

This week has been a bit hectic, what with dental appointments, a university assignment to finish and work to do. So, with us all in need of a bit of relaxation, yesterday husband texted me at midday asking if I fancied dinner at our favourite place to eat as a family: Ed’s Easy Diner in St David’s Center, Cardiff City Center. I replied with a yes instantly.

For a family with a love of 50s music and culture, this is great place to go. The restaurant has a real sense of fun about it and the staff are always friendly and helpful. The menu may not be very varied but there’s plenty of tasty American diner food on offer, plus a range of very tasty milkshakes. My favourite flavour is actually a combination of two: strawberry & mint. However, I don’t usually have a milkshake if we’re going for dinner, since the portions are pretty big! I suppose the only negative I could give is that it’s not really the place to go if you’re trying to diet. It’s definitely a once in a while treat.


Pip chose Chicken tenders from the children’s menu, which comes on the back of a colouring in sheet – very handy for keeping a little one busy while waiting for food to arrive! She actually cleared the plate, not a regular occurrence for her and quite a surprise given that she spent most of the visit jigging about to the music!


I chose a classic plate, which has a nice thick burger in a bun, chunky fries, onion rings and ketchup. We’ve been a few times now and I’ve never had even a small complaint about the food has been consistently yummy.


I would definitely recommend Ed’s as a good place to go as a family. Previously I’ve brought Pip here for breakfast. The stacks of pancakes are really good, a perfect way to get some energy before hitting the shops!

There are Ed’s Easy Diners all over the UK so check out their website to find your closest.

Thanks for reading.


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