Family Favourites: Music

Music is a wonderful part of our lives. It creates memories that seem to last better than others, it can produce the entire range of human emotion and there’s such a huge range that it’s almost infinite.

Today I needed to be thinking about something positive since I was having some dental surgery. I hadn’t been to see a dentist in about a decade so when I got a toothache before Christmas, I did try to put it off. But I finally went two weeks ago and my follow up appointment was today. I was either to have a filling and an extraction or two fillings. Thankfully, they went with two fillings. I’ve never had any kind of dental surgery before and I was a little nervous about it but it was pretty painless, if very uncomfortable. I’ve now got a dull ache in my jaw but at least it’s done now.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Music is often playing in the Appletree household and we love singing along. Apart from all of the usual nursery rhymes and counting songs that Pip knows, she’s also picking up a lot of the music that husband and I love. Here’s a list of our family’s favourite music:

With or Without You – U2

One of mine and husband’s favourites and it was played at our wedding. I like it for singing along to.

Clara’s Theme – Doctor Who soundtrack

We are all big Doctor Who fans. Pip’s favourite companion is Clara and this is her favourite piece of music from the show too. She calls it the autumn song and, aside from that probably being due to the falling autumn leaf being so prominent in Clara’s backstory, I think it does have quite an autumnal feel to it – the twinkling sounds make me think of leaves falling in the breeze.

One Day More – Les Miserables

We love musicals and Les Mis has been a favourite since the film release last year. Although Pip hasn’t seen it – it’s more than a little unsuitable for younger viewers – she loves the music from it. This song is so dramatic and brilliant for a sing along.

Bolero from end credits of Moulin Rouge

Many years ago, when our relationship was new, husband and I watched Moulin Rouge repeatedly. The music from the whole film is just brilliant. This piece of music from the end of the film begins by being quite melancholy but gradually becomes more and more dramatic with a very catchy beat. I challenge anyone to listen to this and not be tapping their feet in time to it by the end.

Crocodile Shoes – Jimmy Nail

I listened to this song as a young child and always loved it. I only discovered that husband does too after we watched Auf  Wiedersehen, Pet, which led us to play some of Jimmy Nail’s music. Pip regularly sings this while we’re walking outdoors, possibly because it’s a song about shoes.

It’s all coming back to me now – Meatloaf

Dramatic music doesn’t come much better than this. This song is simply brilliant, with the added bonus of being inspired by one of mine and husband’s favourite books, Wuthering Heights.

Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush

Another song inspired by that book. Pip loves watching the video to this song and copying Kate Bush’s elaborate dancing – it’s both impressive and hilarious to watch.

Wish you were here – Pink Floyd

Another band we all really like and this is definitely one of my favourites of theirs. Great tune and great lyrics.

Still into you – Paramore

This is mine and husband’s current ‘our song’. The lyrics feel perfect this year as we’ve been married five years now yet I still feel the same about him as I did when I was a teenager. We had a lot of obstacles but we overcame them all and, actually, I think our relationship has never been better.

Ho hey – The Lumineers

We heard this song through it being in so many adverts and television programmes, yet rather than becoming an annoyance, as overplayed songs usually are, this became a favourite. It also led to us buying the album, which I love.

Rolling in the deep – Adele

I love Adele. Her voice is amazing and her songs are beautiful. This is the song we all like the most, I think. It’s certainly the one that Pip regularly belts out while in the trolley in Tesco (along with Food, Glorious Food)

Hey Jude – The Beatles

Another song that I have always loved and that seems to have passed on to Pip. This is most often the song she’ll select if I give her the choice of which to play from my iPad. She knows most of the words too and can sing it in tune. Plus, she loves imitating the end part where Paul McCartney goes a bit over the top vocally. Or is it Lennon? Oh well, it’s brilliant either way.

What are your family’s favourite songs? Are any of them on my list?


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