Learning to Write: Letters on the whiteboard

For her second birthday, Pip was given a double sided easel, one side a chalkboard and on the other whiteboard with clips to hold paper. We used it for painting on many occasions, though in truth I’ve found it easier recently to use her table for craft activities. Then the other day it struck me that the whiteboard would be perfect for practicing letters and writing – I really don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me before!

Writing with Pip

This morning I got the easel out to try my idea. I wrote a letter on the board and invited Pip to copy it. Then I asked her to call out words beginning that letter for me to write on the board. This turned out to be quite a fun game, Pip really enjoyed it and I was surprised and impressed by how easily and quickly she fired off words for each letter.

A words

Then I let her pick her favourite word to try writing. I wiped off the board and wrote her favourite word out again for her to copy.


Sometimes it’s tricky getting her to pay attention for long (a common problem with four year olds, I’m sure!) but today she seemed really engrossed, watching me draw each letter then really concentrating on copying it.

B words

Afterwards, I let her have some time drawing on the board. She drew a house with happy faces at the windows – unfortunately for some reason she rubbed it off before I could get a photograph! Never mind, there’ll always be more pictures to see.


I was really pleased with how much Pip enjoyed today’s activity, as well as how well it seemed to engage her and help her practice her writing.


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