Happy St Dwynwen’s Day!

Today is St Dwynwen’s Day. St Dwynwen (I think pronounced Dwin-wen) is the Welsh patron saint of lovers, making today the Welsh equivalent of Valentine’s Day. To mark this, my lovely husband gifted me a traditional Welsh Lovespoon (purchased from Castle Welsh Crafts, opposite Cardiff Castle in the city center).


Lovespoons date back to the seventeenth century and are wooden with designs carved into the handle. The designs are symbolic and each carry a different meaning. For example, mine has a cross, which means faith or marriage, and two hearts, which means that we love each other. Once upon a time, the intricacy of the design would show off a young man’s woodworking skills to his potential bride and her father.

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve threaded some green ribbon through mine, which I think looks lovely with the rich colour of the wood, and it’s now hanging above our living room window.

As well as my lovespoon, we also went into town to buy a new board game to play this evening from Rules of Play (obviously!). We picked Legends of Andor from Fantasy Flight Games, a cooperative game – expect a review at some point in the future!

Do you celebrate St Dwynwen’s Day? If so, what are your plans?


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