Review: H&A Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath

Little Pip is a big fan of bubbles, especially in the bath. So when an opportunity arose to try out Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath, a new product from H&A, I jumped at it.


It didn’t take much of the bubbly bath to create a large quantity of lovely thick foam that had a pleasantly fresh scent. Pip watched with excitement as the bath filled and the bubbles grew and leapt in when it was ready.

The bubbles lasted well – some others we’ve had in the past have disappeared after a bit of splashing about but these remained throughout bath time.


The bubbles were thick enough to hide a duck in…


Or even give it a lovely new hairstyle!


One added bonus was that the product did not dry out my skin. I have very sensitive skin on my hands that gets dry very easily but the bubbly bath didn’t have that effect at all.

Pip had a lovely fun bath time with her new bubbly bath…and so did her ducks!


Note: I was sent a free sample bottle of H&A Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath for the purposes of this review but the opinions are entirely my own…and Pip’s! 


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