Breast is best. Sometimes.

Recently there’s been a lot of debate about breast feeding or bottle feeding. In fact, it’s not just recently. Every now and again this issue comes up and it has been doing so for a long while. Mums that bottle feed are told their babies are missing out on a wealth of health benefits and a close bond that apparently only comes with breast feeding. Mums that breast feed are told they are making their children too dependant. You can’t seem to win either way.

When I had Pip, I tried breast feeding. For some reason – we’re not entirely sure what it was – she wasn’t getting enough and lost too much weight, which ended up with her in hospital overnight. I gave up breast feeding after that and switched to bottles. It made a huge difference. Pip, who had been screaming for long periods, was more settled and even slept for longer during the night. I was much less stressed and felt so much better, where I had been feeling like I was failing as a mother, even though I’d done nothing wrong.

From my experience, I have realised that the choice between breast and bottle is incredibly personal, really like many issues in parenting, if not in life generally. So let’s not judge each other based on this. I think we all feel under quite enough pressure from ourselves to do the best job possible as parents without it coming from every other direction too!

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2 thoughts on “Breast is best. Sometimes.

  1. It’s a thorny issue because there is so much pressure. My son never had formula and I breastfed for 13 months. I feel incredibly proud of that but part of the reason I feel proud is it was such hard work. I wish I’d eased up a bit if I’m honest. Your body not being your own for nearly two years (when you include pregnancy as well) is a toughie to deal with. That said, I’d encourage all new Mums to try but in the big scheme of things it’s not really a biggie if you do or don’t, it just feels like it at the time.

    My Mum made a huge deal out of the fact she breastfed all three of me and my sisters. I only found out when I was breastfeeding my son that she actually only breastfed me for 12 weeks. I say ‘only’ because so many Mums see 12 weeks as being insufficient nowadays whereas in the 70s my Mum wasn’t the norm at all EVERYONE formula fed. We’re still managing to survive (somehow)… 🙂

    • Thanks for the response. I’d definitely try breast feeding again if I were to have a another baby as I do think it’s a good idea. But I wouldn’t feel so bad second time round if it didn’t work out.

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