Guest post: A few words from the other half

A guest post written by my husband:

When Amelia mentioned the idea of guest spots on her new blog, I thought it would be a great way for me to have a crack at writing a blog without the pressure of having to come up with regular subjects.

That was two weeks ago and I still haven’t really got an idea of what to write about now for this one. I think the problem is, and always has been that I am a reactionary conversationalist (I might trademark that phrase). I’m very opinionated, I have an opinion on almost any subject you can ever think of but when asked just to write with no brief, no subject and no restraints, I come off as rather dull I think.

It is not to dissimilar from my attempts at humour. I am often described as sharp witted and funny (I like to agree) and over the course of some years of being on stage regularly in a dramatic environment, I was eventually persuaded when I was around 21 to try stand up comedy. It was a disaster, I couldn’t do it. I have played on stage everything from tragic Shakespearean characters, to a singing German penis (literally, it was an odd pantomime) without a flicker of nerves, but when I had to go on stage as me, I just couldn’t do it. I can’t be myself on stage, too much pressure.

After we moved to a new city a few years ago, I made a group of wonderful new friends at a theatre company and the same thing came up, that I should definitely do stand up. Thankfully I have learnt my lesson here.

But on to Blogging. Although I can never decide on a subject, I am far from void of data. I have studied at degree level Philosophy, History, Art and Sociology. I have spent probably too much time indoors in my life, but still have been to America, Africa, and much of Europe. I have seen more films and television shows than is perhaps considered healthy but I have still done more than my fair share of reading novels. I am also a very keen photographer (on and off) as I have been for many years. So now I may as well leave this blog post to letting you get to know me , and if you have any ideas for what I should write about please (please please) write a comment below or send a message.

Finally I thought it would be fun to ask Amelia some questions, without telling her what it’s for, about me and I’ll put the answers here:

1. Considering all the current characters appearing on television programmes, who would i say I have most in common with?

I’d say a strange mixture of Cam from Modern Family, and Mycroft from Sherlock.

2. If you were planning a surprise holiday for me, with unlimited wealth, what would it be?

Yachting holiday round the Mediterranean.

3. What colour suits me best?

Blue, matches your lovely eyes.

Would you like a cupcake?

Yes, of course.

Ok thats not about me, but I wanted to end on a positive note and there has not been a No in response to that since I met Amelia around 13 years ago.


2 thoughts on “Guest post: A few words from the other half

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