Reading with Pip: A trip to the library

We haven’t been to our local library for a while. We sometimes go to Cardiff Central Library in the city center if we’re in the area anyway and even that’s a rarity, if I’m honest. Pip has a large collection of books at home, plus she borrows one from nursery every Friday. But we should make more of our local facilities, especially when they’re only a ten minute walk away and free to use.

Today we had been planning a trip to the Cardiff Story Museum but it was raining heavily outside so I decided somewhere closer to home would be better. So off to the local library we went.

It has a reasonably sized children’s area, filled with soft blocks that are supposed to be used to sit on. They seemed to remind Pip of the kind of large soft blocks you find in soft play centers and consequently she spent almost our entire visit jumping and climbing and hiding. I managed to find some books I thought she would enjoy and she selected a few from the pile I gathered.

I think most of the novelty of a library visit for Pip is in the process of borrowing and returning the books. Having her own library card in her own purse to look after and using the special machines that scan books she wants to take away with her. I like using the library because it gives us a much wider variety of wider material without using any money or taking up much more space at home.

On this visit, we brought home 4 books. A Charlie & Lola book called ‘I will not ever never eat a tomato’, a very funny book simply called ‘Socks’, a rhyming book about the alphabet called ‘ABC’ and a book called ‘Wow Dinosaurs’ which was really too advanced for Pip in terms of reading but I knew she’d like the pictures and I could translate the language into something simpler for her to understand. It turns out this was a pretty good plan – after we arrived home, we spent ages talking about how life on earth began and how the dinosaurs became extinct.

library books collage#

I plan to visit our local library much more in the future, perhaps once a fortnight. Do you visit your local library?


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