Pip’s bedroom: Present & Future

Today I decided to have a proper clear out in Pip’s bedroom. I’ve been meaning to get it done since Christmas but there was always something else taking priority. Since the Share it Sunday topic (see Oh So Amelia blog for details!) is playroom this week, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get a few pictures of her room tidy for once and also to have a think about what I’d like to do with it in the future.

wall art

Pip’s room is quite a small space and it can be tricky to fit everything in, especially after birthdays or Christmas. We have regular clear outs and she’s slowly beginning to like the idea of giving things to charity when she’s finished with them. We either take old stuff to a charity shop, to our GP surgery for the waiting room or ask around if any friends would like them.

This year I’ve made a real effort to put all of her toys in their own places and, as much as possible, they all have their own box, basket or shelf to make it easier for her to keep the place tidy herself. One of her favourite boxes is her dressing up box.

dressing up box

It contains a huge variety of costumes, including quite a few princess dresses, a doctor’s uniform, a chef’s outfit, a fairy skirt & wand, a dragon costume and a Mike Wazowski costume from Monsters Inc. The last is my favourite because I’m treated to her Mike impression whenever she has it on.

Dolls house

The doll’s house has been an ongoing project for years now. I’d love to get it properly finished but given that Pip has a tendency to take her crayons to it and be a bit rough when playing with it (as you can see from the broken window), I think I’ll give it a bit longer before I put more effort (or cash!) into it. Part of my plan is to furnish it with Sylvanian Families furniture and give a nicer paint job. I envisage flowers crawling up the side of the house but my skills might a little lacking for that! What I definitely want to do is make all of the soft furnishings myself, which can pretty much start straight away. My sewing work always produces a few scraps of material, no matter how careful I am to be economical with it, and these little pieces would be perfect for dolls house curtains, cushions and all sorts of other bits and bobs. For now, she still loves playing with it despite it being a little sparse looking. 

pip with dolls house

When the time comes for Pip to need a larger bed, I’d love to get her a cabin bed. It would give her so much more space in the room. Ideally, I’d like to put her books and a lamp there so that she has a quiet and private area for reading. For the moment, she’s in a toddler bed. Its plenty big enough for now and has plenty of room underneath to store boxes. Her dressing up box, craft box and toy box all fit under there nicely.

Teddys on the bed

Despite the storage and space issues and all of the changes that I would love to make, Pip loves her room, mostly I think for the simple reason that it is her space, belonging entirely to her.


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