Writing with Pip: Wipe clean workbook

For Pip’s fourth birthday, we bought her a special book. It wasn’t a book for reading but a book for writing. It was a Starting School workbook from Priddy Books . It is wipe clean and came with a wipe clean pen. Unfortunately, the lid was left off for too long at some point so I’ve had to replace it (and have a talk with Pip about replacing lids!).

With only a year until she was due to start school, something she is very excited about, we thought it would be good to help her learn the skills that will give her a good start. The book contains many different activities including counting, looking at shapes, comparing sizes and days of the week. But this post is going to focus on the pen control and writing activities.

We begin with following lines of different shapes.

following the lines

Then we move on to practicing letters

a-d writing

We found a slight problem with the letter practice. There are two dotted lines, one to follow and one to show the direction to follow. There’s a big dot to show where to start, which would be useful except that it’s on the line with arrows to show direction. So Pip starts at the dot on one line then has to switch to a different line, or else make a letter that doesn’t look quite right (she’s a bit of a perfectionist about these things!). She usually asks me to draw the letter first. She watches me carefully and tries to copy. As you can see from the photo above, on this occasion she wanted to do the ‘c’ and ‘d’ without any help from me, which was I saw as a good step forward.

She loves practicing her letters and asks to get the workbook out most days. The beauty of it being wipe clean is that she can use it over and over again, getting a little better every time. I think it makes a brilliant way of getting children started in drawing letters and making it a fun activity.

What are your methods for teaching your child to draw letters?


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