Painting with Pip: Dinosaurs!

By now, many of you might have gotten the idea that Pip likes dinosaurs. Well, our relatives have clearly caught on as well, since she received a wealth of dinosaur-related gifts for Christmas, including a set of foam dinosaur stamps.

Dinosaur stamps

Today we used these to create some brilliant dino paintings.

We don’t often get the paints out these days. Pip seems to paint most days at nursery so she never seems all that enthusiastic about doing it at home too. She’d rather play with all of the toys and games that aren’t there while she’s here. But nursery does not have dinosaur stamps!

Painting is obviously great for learning about colours and which colours mix together to make others. We use paper bowls to mix the paint in. Pip loves watching the different paints mix together and change – she thinks its magical!

Mixing collage

The foam leaves a brilliant scale-like pattern when you print with them – perfect for our dino picture!

Dino painting

I would like to try more printing at home. Perhaps we could try making our own stamps from foam or potatoes. What do you like making stamps from? Which materials have you found work best?


2 thoughts on “Painting with Pip: Dinosaurs!

  1. That’s a wonderful dinosaur picture – what a great set of stamps! I’ve tried potato prints with some success – you just need big potatoes to get a decent size stamp.

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