Game review: Hoot Owl Hoot

One of my goals for the year was to help my daughter prepare to start school in September. Aside from the process of finding and applying for places, I believe that teaching a child a few practical skills will set them up for the best start possible at school. As many parents and teachers will agree, I think the best way of teaching a child is through play.

As you might know if you read my last post, we  love board games in our house. Little Pip is no exception. She has several of her own already, one of which is Hoot Owl Hoot by Peaceable Kingdom, suitable for ages 4+ for 2-4 players.

Hoot Owl Hoot

 This is a cooperative game, which means that rather than competing against other players, everyone works together towards the end goal, which is, rather sweetly, to have all of the little owls back in their nest before the sun rises. While I think teaching children how to have a bit of healthy and fair competition is very important, teaching them to work together is equally so, which is why I like this style of game.

Hoot Owl board

It’s a beautifully designed game. The artwork is all in bright colours and very attractive. Also, being made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper and soy-based inks, it is 100% green in it’s design. Paper isn’t even wasted on instructions as they are printed into the box lid, which also means that they cannot be lost – very handy! The game pieces are all stored in a paper pouch, making unpacking and packing the game away very simple and easy for a small child to manage.

Gameplay teaches many valuable skills as well as how to cooperate with others such as problem solving and colour recognition. Little Pip loves turning this game into a little story about the owls going out for the night and trying to get home. By the time we’re nearing the end of the game, she’s shouting, ‘Come on, little owls! Get home quick! Your mummy is waiting for you!’ I think this demonstrates how well the game concept can ignite the imagination.Hoot Owl

This is a wonderful game that is educational but really fun as well! Highly recommended by myself and Little Pip, of course!


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